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    Quality improvement and innovation, Minxuan Technology won the second prize of Fujian Patent Award

    Time: 2021-04-27    View: 4183    Burst: 

    According to the provisions of the "Fujian Province Patent Award Evaluation Measures", adhere to the promotion of actual transformation and application as the guidance, and priority and key awards should be given to high patent quality and outstanding transformation and application. After review by the Fujian Provincial Patent Award Evaluation Committee, and approved by the 63rd Executive Meeting of the Provincial Government, 44 outstanding patent achievements were selected and won the Provincial Patent Award. Among them, the "one type" was invented by Fujian Minxuan Technology Co., Ltd. The rotary joint adapted to hot and cold media won the second prize of the Fujian Patent Award.

    Fujian Patent Award

    The Fujian Provincial Government established the Fujian Provincial Patent Award in 2010. From 2010 to 2015 and 2017, the Provincial Patent Award has been selected 7 times, and a total of 305 award-winning patents have been selected. The award-winning projects of this patent award mainly come from the advantageous industries and emerging industries in Fujian Province. The patentees and inventors of the 44 award-winning patents are enterprises-based, which will further promote the transformation of patent achievements and enhance the creation, protection, and protection of intellectual property rights. The level of application and management, and the full range of services have played a positive role in promoting high-quality development and transcendence.

    Accelerate the layout of high-quality patents and highlight strong core competitiveness

    Rotary joint is a key transmission sealing component in fluid system. As an important product to enhance the industrial foundation and coordination capabilities, it can solve the problems of running, emitting, dripping and leaking of fluid media in mechanical equipment. It is widely used in new energy and semiconductors. , Automation, CNC machine tools, foundry machinery, engineering machinery, forging machinery, metallurgy, synthetic leather, packaging, rubber and plastics, cardboard and more than 30 technical fields. In order to further improve the technical level of products and meet the development needs of major application industries, it has become an inevitable trend to develop high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly, high-efficiency and energy-saving rotary sealing devices. The second prize of the invention patent "a rotary joint suitable for hot and cold media" meets the working needs of user equipment for the transmission of cold and hot alternate media, and promotes the technological progress and transformation and upgrading of the industry.

    Technological innovation has become the driving force for enterprise development, and patent industrialization has obvious benefits

    Minxuan Technology has been implementing the project technology since 2015. Through structural design innovation, accessories and material design, the sealing performance and reliability of the product have been significantly improved, which has promoted the effective improvement of product quality and strengthened the company. The market competitiveness and influence of the products have also promoted the technological innovation and the improvement of economic and social benefits in related supporting industries, and the effect is remarkable.

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